Please see the project page for more information.

This is the OpenTeddy reference page (version 0.2.)  Most of the keys are documented here.


LEFT mouse button - CLICK to put down a point, DRAG to create a stroke.

RIGHT mouse button (double-click on a single button mouse) - If no objects are selected, CLICK to turn the stroke into a 3D shape- if there is no stroke, select the object under the pointer, and place the cursor.  If exactly 3 points are down when this button is pressed, a box is created with the given dimensions.  If one object is selected, attempts to project the stroke onto the selected shape's surface.  If a stroke is projected onto the shape, extrudes the shape by the current stroke.

MIDDLE mouse button (alternatively, shift + drag on a single button mouse, or also a very slow double-click where the second click is a drag) - Rotate the view globally if no objects are selected or all objects are selected.  If not all objects are selected, transforms the selected objects by rotation.

ESC KEY - cancels the current stroke.  If there is no stroke, hides the cursor (moves it to the origin.)

UP ARROW key, DOWN ARROW key - Scales the view in or out.

O KEY - moves the origin to the cursor.

KEYPAD - Rotates the view by increments of 45 degrees.

I KEY - Simplifies the selected shapes.  If shift is held down, refines the selected shapes.  If control is held down, fast-simplifies the selected shapes.

F KEY - Runs a Laplacian filter on the selected shapes.  This essentially will smooth the shapes.

J KEY - Joins the selected shapes into one shape, provided they overlap.

X KEY - Cuts out the hole defined by the stroke.  If shift is held down, cuts out everything outside the hole defined by the stroke.


E KEY - Selects/unselects all vertices.  If a stroke is drawn on the surface, selects all vertices inside that stroke.

V KEY - Turns the current stroke into a reference stroke.  Then, when another stroke is drawn, and V KEY is pressed again, transforms the selected vertices by the two strokes.


L KEY - Load from a file.  Type the name of the file after pressing the L KEY (without the .obj extension.) and press the ENTER key (or RETURN key.)

S KEY - Save to file. Type the name of the file after pressing the S key (without the .obj extension.) and press the ENTER key (or RETURN key.)



1-9 KEY - edit the keyframe whose number was pressed.  Note that adding or deleting vertices, with simplification, or extruding, may cause problems to already existing keyframes.

M KEY - activates/deactivates animation mode

LEFT mouse button - In animation mode, drag to make an animation.

RIGHT mouse button (double-click on a single button mouse) - Places a keyframe number

KEYPAD - places keyframe numbers